Welcome to the GravityView Sandbox

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Here you can experiment GravityView by checking out dozens of Views already created on this website.

To understand how GravityView works, please check out this video!

How GravityView Works

Each View is connected to a Gravity Forms form. As entries are submitted to the form, they appear in the Views. Entries can then be edited by the user who created them and by administrators.

1. Gravity Forms collects the data

The Name field in Gravity Forms
Gravity Forms is a form plugin that collects the data you want to show. The values from each field (in this case, a person’s name) will be displayed in GravityView.

2. Design how you want to display the data in GravityView

Design layout in GravityView (“Name” is the title)
You design how you want the layout to appear in GravityView. You can choose to display the data in a Table or List layout. Additional layouts are available (DataTables dynamic tables and Mapped entries).

3. GravityView Displays the data on your website

Each entry gets displayed as configured
GravityView will display each entry as configured by you. You can limit the entries shown to only approved entries. You can also configure a search form to search entries.